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Key Leader Camp

What is Key Leader…

Key Leader is a week­end expe­ri­en­tial lead­er­ship pro­gram for today’s young lead­ers. This life-chang­ing event focus­es on ser­vice lead­er­ship as the first, and most mean­ing­ful lead­er­ship-devel­op­ment expe­ri­ence.  A Key Leader will learn the most impor­tant les­son of lead­er­ship—it comes from help­ing oth­ers succeed.

Par­tic­i­pants begin by attend­ing a Key Leader event, which is a week­end retreat. Large and small group work­shops, dis­cus­sions and team-build­ing activ­i­ties take place over the course of the week­end. Stu­dents have oppor­tu­ni­ties to learn lead­er­ship skills that will help them to change their schools, com­mu­ni­ties, and world for the better.

While explor­ing lead­er­ship in a whole new way, par­tic­i­pants will make amaz­ing new friends and have expe­ri­ences they will nev­er for­get. Pos­i­tive, ongo­ing inter­ac­tion with oth­er Key Leader grad­u­ates offers con­tin­u­ing rein­force­ment, encour­age­ment and growth of lead­er­ship skills.

Since April 2005 Key Leader has served more than 33,000 stu­dents at 660 Key Leader events in 40 U.S. states, 7 Cana­di­an provinces, Bahamas, Malaysia, Brazil, Cay­man Islands, El Sal­vador and Sin­ga­pore.  Read what some of these grad­u­ates say about the Key Leader expe­ri­ence.

Through the gen­eros­i­ty of Kiwa­nis Foun­da­tion of Cana­da, the cost for stu­dents to attend an event in Cana­da is sub­si­dized by $50 each.  Sim­i­lar sub­si­dies are also pro­vid­ed for camps in the Caribbean. Camp rates have already been reduced by this sub­sidy. All stu­dents attend­ing are spon­sored by the gen­eros­i­ty of many of the Kiwa­nis Clubs in our District. 

In 2019, the Key Leader pro­gram for the EC&C Dis­trict, which is in our eleventh year, will be offered in 5 loca­tions in East­ern Cana­da and in the Bahamas. For Oth­er Con­tacts click here.

If you wold like to down­load a copy of our Key Leader P&P (Pol­i­cy and Pro­ce­dures) man­u­al please click here.

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