Eastern Canada & Caribbean Goals 2022–2023

Anthony Haile – Governor 2022-2023

Eastern Canada & Caribbean District

  • To establish ten new clubs in the District,
  • To increase the membership in every club by a net gain of two through retention and recruitment,
  • To implement the Kiwanis International ‘Two For Two membership growth program’ in every club,
  • To increase the number of clubs participating in the District Signature Project Contest to 150,
  • To increase the participation in Club Leadership Training to 95% of all clubs in the District
  • To receive a commitment from every club to reactivate their SLP clubs and fulfill the sponsor obligation,
  • To have each club develop a new Service Project that enhances the lives of children in their community
  • To have each Kiwanis Club improve the recognition of Kiwanis in their community.
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