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Octo­ber 8,2018

Q – I am a 2017–2018 offi­cer of a club and wish to com­plete my report­ing for the 2017–2018 year. My ‘logon’ to the ECC Por­tal no longer works. How can I log on and com­plete my reports?

A – We had hoped to keep the 2016–2017 club offi­cers on the sys­tem for the month of Octo­ber, but a small soft­ware prob­lem has pre­vent­ed that from hap­pen­ing for some users.

As a ‘work around’, log on using your suc­ces­sors email address and the pass­word KIWANIS. After you are fin­ished updat­ing be sure to ask your suc­ces­sor to change their pass­word.

Q.- I heard a club should only fill in the Kiwa­nis Inter­na­tion­al Month­ly report. The EC&C Month­ly report is not required.

A.- Yes that is cor­rect. this is change from last year.

Q.- Where do I find the win­ners of the Dis­tin­guished Award and Club Recog­ni­tion Awards?

A. — These award win­ners will be announced around the 1st of Decem­ber. you have until Novem­ber 31, 2018 to com­plete you month­ly reports and man­u­al Annu­al Reports.

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