The contest opens at 8 am ET on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Entries are due by midnight ET on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

Please download the Signature Project Booklet for more information on how to present your project.

Signature Project Booklet 2022

Application Form for 2024

Signature projects show the impact a Kiwanis club can have on a community. From playgrounds and parks to festivals and fundraisers, signature projects are the hallmarks of what Kiwanis clubs are known for in their communities.

Below is a summary of the contest. Your entry will be judged by the District and the top three entries will be recognized at the convention in Montego Bay. The top entry in each category will be sent on to Kiwanis International for judging against all other District winners.

1. Clubs complete the online form (follow your language link here) containing questions about their clubs’ signature project. All entries must be completed using the online form. No other format (word, email) will be accepted.

2. When the club hits “Submit” an email containing their answers is automatically generated to all District Governors and Secretaries, as well as the club member who submitted the entry and Kiwanis International.

3. Despite the 3-week+ window for contest submissions, 87% of them are historically received within the last four days of the deadline. Please encourage your clubs to enter them early so if there is a technical issue at their end there will be plenty of time to work through it. The contest close date is firm.

4. At the end of the 3-week+ contest window, each district should coordinate judging process with district staff to select your two best entries – one from Group I clubs (27 and few members) and one from Group II clubs (28 and greater members) that have been chosen to represent your district in the contest. Some districts may not have club entries from both small and large clubs to judge and submit to KI.

5. Using the contest judging criteria (attached), district judges review and rate/score each entry.

6. Districts will be notified in early April if either of their club projects have been selected to the Top 10 of each club group.

7. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each club group will be recognized at the annual Kiwanis International convention in July.

8. Complete contest rules are found here.

9. Clubs can read the application questions ahead of time to prepare their answers (highly recommended).

What is a signature project?
Think about what your Kiwanis club is known for in your community. It can be a service project or a fundraiser. Signature projects:

Are recurring. (Note: A new project can qualify as a signature project if the intent is to continue the project.)
Enhance the Kiwanis image.
Demonstrate significant impact on the community in terms of monies raised or children served.
Strengthen membership and partnership opportunities.

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