Key Leader Camp

Ontario Canada

To reg­is­ter for camp, find the camp clos­est to you and please con­tact the per­son indi­cat­ed below to receive reg­is­tra­tion forms and fur­ther information…

Key Leader ICSR Big Clear Lake Camp — Oct. 23 — 25, 2020

Arden, ON

Con­tact: Marie Shaw — Site Coor­di­na­tor — ICSR — Big Clear Lake Camp, Arden, ON

Email: ac.12yrutnec@wahs.eiram

Key Leader ICSR Grand River Camp — Oct. 23 — 25, 2020

Brantford, ON

Con­tact: Sheila Don­ald — Site Coor­di­na­tor – ICSR-Grand Riv­er Camp, Brant­ford, ON

Email:  ac.ocegoc@dlanod.s      

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