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Committee Chairs

Phil Rossy Mem­ber­ship and Engage­ment Ottawa phil.rossy@rogers.com
Sharon Williams Part­ner­ship New Kingston sharonzi4life@yahoo.com
Ken McNaughton Risk Man­ag­er Brant­ford kenmcnaughton@rogers.com
Gary Levine Web­mas­ter Owen Sound glevine@docpc.com
Mer­di­na Cal­lum Bul­letin Edi­tor New Kingston callu78@hotmail.com
Bob Bog­a­rdis Bylaws and Poli­cies Bar­rie robertbogardis@gmail.com
Bri­an McK­e­own Dis­trict Con­ven­tion Stam­ford brianm@shabriproperties.com
Ker­mitt McGann Finance Down­town Kingston kmcgann50@gmail.com
Bob­by moo Young Kiwa­nis Chil­dren’s Fund Mon­tego Freeport robertmooyoung@gmail.com
Marj Buck Awards Belleville marjbuck54@gmail.com
Hen­ry Gib­son Audit Nas­sau A.M. hgibson@bbsl.com
Chris­tine King Com­mu­ni­ty Impact Fort Mon­tagu, Nas­sau cdgnik@yahoo.com
Joanne Mur­ray Lead­er­ship Devel­op­ment Coor­di­na­tor Brant­ford joanne.murray@rogers.com
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