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One of the tenants of our District strategic plan is Visibility. We will post ideas and ‘how to’ articles to help market your club in your community. A club that is visible is a strong Kiwanis Club.

Kiwanis International’s logo is the face of the organization. It reflects our mission and our traditions while making a statement about who we are now. We’re pleased to provide you with some options and guidelines.

A couple of tips
Help make the logo — and the Kiwanis brand — easy for people to recognize and respect:

  • Let the logo stand out a bit wherever you put it. Leave space around it, rather than crowding it with words and images or putting it too close to the edge of the page or surface you’re using.
  • Don’t squish, stretch or otherwise alter it.


Which file do I use?
To determine which format you need, consider these tips for each “extension” (the letters after the period in the file name):

  • JPG. For newsletters, flyers, Microsoft Word documents, brochures, cards, labels, decals and small signs.
  • PNG. For websites and PowerPoint presentations. A file in this format has no image loss when saved and can have a transparent background — making it ideal for webpages.
  • EPS. For banners, flags, large posters, coffee mugs, T-shirts, large signs, tradeshow displays and exhibits, vehicle graphics, water bottles, frisbees and bags. This format is primarily for large-scale printing — most print designers and printing companies are familiar with it. (It is also called a vector graphic.)

If you have specific questions about the logos or branding, email gro.sinawik@dnarb.

Kiwanis International Logo Downloads click here.

Request a custom logo for your club click here.




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