Governor Anthony Haile

E.C. & C. District Governor

My fellow Kiwanian,

As of October 1st, we all have embarked on a significant journey as the leaders of our Kiwanis organization. As Governor of our Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District, I am confident that I can count on having your support to ensure a healthy, functioning district. As leaders and members of our organization, you have an essential role in ensuring that our organization will flourish.

We have endured some difficult periods due to Covid, but as I said during the Convention in Fredericton, we all have to Adapt to Succeed.  Covid has taught us that we can do this.

Although some of our challenges are significant, I have no doubt we will succeed in overcoming them. EC&C is a district that has always shined within our Kiwanis organization, and I am sure that we will continue to do this in this new Kiwanis year

Our membership chair, under the leadership of PG Phil Rossy and his team, will ensure that we will have the necessary growth to strengthen the clubs under charter strength. We do not want to lose one member, and we must work together to realize this.

Our SLP is our future. To support this, we must pay special attention to our youth organizations so that when these youngsters become adults, the most logical step is to join an adult Kiwanis club.

Every time I see a smile on the face of a child after completing a Kiwanis children’s project, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction.  It makes me realize that the joy and happiness that Kiwanis has provided cannot be bought with all the money in the world. We will continue to give joy and happiness to our children. To do this, I am sure you will all join me in going the extra mile.

My fellow Kiwanian, I am confident that I can count on your support to make this Kiwanis year one of the best we have ever had.

The Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District will continue to be the shining example in the Kiwanis Organization.

I wish you all wisdom and perseverance in the new Kiwanis year and look forward to being with you at our district convention next year in Quebec in May 2023

All the best to you.  Please be assured that my doors will always be open for you.

Your Governor

Anthony Haile



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