CLE Trainers

Advancements in technology now provide the opportunity for every Certified Trainer to be fully trained, at no cost or minimal cost to the District.

Divisions with small geography require one trainer; divisions with larger geography will determine the number of trainers required to deliver training.


Certified Trainer approval is overseen by the ECC District. The Governor approves those to be certified as Certified Trainers based on the candidates’ experience. The term for Certified Trainers is 3 years. It is important that all Certified Trainers commit to serving their Division for three years. Trainers need to be trained once in their three-year term, prior to delivering their first session.

A notice will be sent to every Division regarding the current openings for Certified Trainers for the next three-year term to deliver training. Interested members will submit their names and qualifications, using the approved application form. Access to the form will be supplied as part of the notice.


  • Advertising for new trainers – January 6, 2023
  • Due date to apply for Certified Trainer positions – January 6, 2023
  • Train the Trainer Sessions – February and/or March 2023 using Zoom
  • CLE Training to be completed in every Division – June 30, 2023


Using the KI materials and Leadership Guide as the training tool, the Train the Trainer curriculum will include the following topics and methods to deliver the information

  • The logistics and timing of CLE training in your Division
  • Working with the LG to plan the training for the Division
  • How to do an Introduction Ice Breaker
  • Messages from the Governor-elect delivered by the LG
  • Messages from the Lieutenant Governor
  • Responsibilities and Duties of the President
  • Duties of the Committee Chair
  • Your Club’s Committees
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the President-elect and VP
  • The Purpose and Structure of the Board of Directors
  • The Club Meeting and Agenda
  • Induction of New Members
  • Club Presidents Planning Conference
  • The Annual General Meeting
  • Service Leadership Programs (SLP)
  • Membership Goal Setting and the use of the District Membership Growth Model
  • The Monthly Checklist
  • Ordering training materials for your Division from KI
  • To support the Lieutenant Governors, Certified Trainers will serve as the Education Lead for their Division, presenting information prepared by the District Education Committee at the Division’s DCMs

Please note: although the qualifications stipulate that you should be a Past Lieutenant Governor to be a Certified Trainer, that is not necessarily the case. Past Presidents who are interested may also apply.

Anyone who is interested should review the qualifications to determine if they have these skills and abilities. The additional commitment that is expected is that Trainers will complete the annual on-line Trainers reports and evaluations following their training sessions.

Kiwanis Trainer Qualifications:

Applications are being received for Certified Trainers for EC&C. In order to apply to be a Trainer for Club Leadership Education in EC&C candidates must have the following qualifications:

  1. Must have served as a Club President or higher office.
  2. Dedicated to the education and training of club leaders, in particular Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers for a 3-year term.
  3. Attend a Train the Trainer Session.
  4. Encourage and support the presentation of Education Committee modules and training resources.
  5. Have a working knowledge and skill with communication and computer technology, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs.
  6. Available to deliver Training at Divisional and Regional Caucus and Council meetings.
  7. Have a strong level of confidence and ability with oral and presentation skills.
  8. Exhibit an upbeat, positive and friendly attitude towards individuals and the training process.

For those who are interested, please submit your application form as soon as possible.

Eileen Hooper Donaldson Leadership Development Coordinator


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