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No Responses to “Wardrobe”

  1. Avatar Millie Norry says:

    Dear Sheila,
    George wore his vest to a Mid­dle­sex meet­ing, and we all talked in pos­i­tive tones about the EC&C con­fer­ence.
    Before you know it I had a bunch of peo­ple ask­ing if they could buy vests.
    I entered all the vests (and 1 shirt) that peo­ple asked me to order.
    Yes, I know I could have told them to order it them­selves, but they are old. And a cou­ple don’t own com­put­ers.
    And I donT mind doing it for them.
    If you have any, I can come and get them. Or meet you some­where.
    There is no rush on this.
    I know your sup­plies were most­ly sold at the con­fer­ence so maybe this isn’t pos­si­ble. But if it is, let me know what i can do to help.


  2. Avatar Roger Alain says:

    When will reg­is­tra­tion infor­ma­tion, and oppor­tu­ni­ties to assist, be post­ed and avail­able. I’m par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ed in costs.