Your Kiwa­nis club elect­ed you as pres­i­dent because you have the qual­i­ty of char­ac­ter to lead. As pres­i­dent, you’ll ensure your club func­tions effec­tive­ly. You’ll lead your club in projects that ben­e­fit your com­mu­ni­ty. You’ll devel­op ini­tia­tives to increase club mem­ber­ship. Above all, you’re charged with devel­op­ing lead­ers who’ll ful­fill the Kiwa­nis mis­sion at the club lev­el and beyond. Pre­pare well, and you’ll be a leader who inspires, coun­sels and steers your club in the direc­tions of growth and service.

Club pres­i­dents are required to com­plete Club Lead­er­ship Edu­ca­tion in order to:

  • Under­stand the basics of run­ning a club
  • Become a more enlight­ened leader in your club
  • Enhance your com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills
  • Learn about Kiwa­nis pro­grams and procedures

Club pres­i­dents have two options to com­plete this training:

  • Class­room edu­ca­tion each dis­trict offers cours­es for club pres­i­dents. Vis­it your dis­trict web­site for more infor­ma­tion about events in your area. Some dis­tricts also pro­vide CLE at dis­trict conventions.
  • Online train­ing: Kiwa­nis has designed a self-paced online expe­ri­ence that gives you the flex­i­bil­i­ty to learn when you have time. You can com­plete the train­ing all at once or in mul­ti­ple vis­its to the site.

As club pres­i­dent, you also serve on your club’s board of direc­tors. Pre­pare for this role by also com­plet­ing club lead­er­ship edu­ca­tion for board mem­bers, avail­able as a self-paced online expe­ri­ence. So that every­one on the board knows what to expect, encour­age all board mem­bers to com­plete the train­ing as well.

Lead­er­ship guide: Pres­i­dent section
Pres­i­den­t’s month­ly to-do list
Lead­er­ship guide: Resources section

Dis­tin­guished Club Pro­gram 2020–2021

2021–2022 Dis­tin­guished Program 

Club bylaws
Brand guide & logos
Plan­ning for club excellence
Resources for strength­en­ing your club
Instal­la­tion of club offi­cers and script
Sam­ple club meet­ing agenda
Risk man­age­ment
Crim­i­nal-his­to­ry back­ground checks

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