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ECC Kiwanis Clubs

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Club Name Divi­sion Name Club Web­site
Lemieux De Val D’Or 1 North­ern Lights www.cablevision.qc.ca/kiwanislemieux/
Les Mus­es de Rouyn-Noran­da 1 North­ern Lights clubkiwanismuses.abitemis.info/About.aspx
Noran­da 1 North­ern Lights
Tim­mins 1 North­ern Lights www.kiwanis.org/club/timmins/
Val D’Or 1 North­ern Lights www.kiwanisvd.qc.ca
Lakeshore, Sault Ste. Marie 2 Cam­bri­an www.lakeshorekiwanis.com/
Nipiss­ing 2 Cam­bri­an www.kiwanisnipissing.com/
Sault Ste. Marie 2 Cam­bri­an www.ssmkiwanis.com/
Sud­bury 2 Cam­bri­an www.kiwanisclubofsudbury.com/
Chatham-Kent 3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter www.chatham-kentkiwanis.com/
For­est 3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter www.kineto.ca
Leam­ing­ton 3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter
Sar­nia-Lambton Gold­en K 3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter www.SarniaKiwanis.com
Sea­way (The), Sar­nia 3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter www.seawaykiwanis.ca
Wind­sor 3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter www.kiwanisactivities.com/home
Wind­sor Rose­land Gold­en K 3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter
For­est City-Lon­don 4 Colonel Tal­bot forestcitykiwanis.ca
Inger­soll 4 Colonel Tal­bot www.kiwanisingersoll.ca
Mid­dle­sex, Lon­don 4 Colonel Tal­bot middlesexkiwanis.org
North Lon­don 4 Colonel Tal­bot www.kiwanisnorthlondon.ca
Ridgetown 4 Colonel Tal­bot www.ridgetownkiwanis.com
Rod­ney 4 Colonel Tal­bot
St. Thomas Gold­en K 4 Colonel Tal­bot
Till­son­burg 4 Colonel Tal­bot www.tillsonburgkiwanis.com
West Lorne 4 Colonel Tal­bot
Brant­ford 5 Black Wal­nut www.brantfordkiwanis.org/
Cam­bridge 5 Black Wal­nut
Cameron Heights, Kitch­en­er 5 Black Wal­nut
Elmi­ra 5 Black Wal­nut www.elmirakiwanisclub.com
Fes­ti­val City, Strat­ford 5 Black Wal­nut
Grand Riv­er, Brant­ford 5 Black Wal­nut
Guelph 5 Black Wal­nut www.guelphkiwanis.org
Kitch­en­er-Water­loo 5 Black Wal­nut www.kwkiwanis.org
Paris-Brant 5 Black Wal­nut www.parisbrantkiwanis.org
Strat­ford 5 Black Wal­nut www.kiwanisclubstratford.com
Hamil­ton 6 Gold­en Horse­shoe www.hamiltonkiwanis.ca
Hamil­ton East 6 Gold­en Horse­shoe www.kiwanishamilton.com
Oakville 6 Gold­en Horse­shoe www.kiwanis.org/club/oakville/
St. Catharines 6 Gold­en Horse­shoe kiwanisstcatharines.com
Stam­ford 6 Gold­en Horse­shoe www.stamfordkiwanis.com/
Welland 6 Gold­en Horse­shoe
Bar­rie 8 Huro­nia www.kiwanisclubofbarrie.com/
Bar­rie Gold­en K 8 Huro­nia www.kiwanis.org/club/BarrieGoldenK/
Meaford 8 Huro­nia
Huntsville 8 Huro­nia
Oril­lia 8 Huro­nia www.kiwanisorillia.ca
Owen Sound 8 Huro­nia www.kiwanisowensound.com
Bramp­ton 9 Maple Leaf www.bramptonkiwanis.com
Casa Loma, Toron­to 9 Maple Leaf www.casaloma.kiwanisone.org
Don Mills Gold­en K 9 Maple Leaf
East York 9 Maple Leaf KiwanisClubEastYork.ca
Fil­ipino Metro, Toron­to 9 Maple Leaf
Flower City (The), Bramp­ton 9 Maple Leaf
George­town 9 Maple Leaf
Kingsway Hum­ber 9 Maple Leaf www.kingswayhumberkiwanis.com
Mis­sis­sauga South 9 Maple Leaf www.facebook.com/kiwanisMS
North York 9 Maple Leaf www.kiwanistoronto-northyork.ca
Riverdale, Toron­to 9 Maple Leaf riverdalekiwanis.org
Scar­bor­ough 9 Maple Leaf
Sun­shine, Toron­to 9 Maple Leaf
Toron­to 9 Maple Leaf www.torontokiwanis.ca/
Oshawa-Durham A.M. 10 Pine Ridge
Peter­bor­ough 10 Pine Ridge www.peterboroughkiwanis.com
Scot­t’S Plains, Peter­bor­ough 10 Pine Ridge
Syden­ham, Oshawa 10 Pine Ridge
West­mount, Oshawa 10 Pine Ridge
Belleville 11 Loy­al­ist www.kiwanisclubofbelleville.com
Kente, Tren­ton 11 Loy­al­ist
Kingston 11 Loy­al­ist www.kiwaniskingston.ca
Madoc 11 Loy­al­ist
Pic­ton 11 Loy­al­ist www.pictonkiwanis.org
Tren­ton 11 Loy­al­ist
Tweed 11 Loy­al­ist www.tweedkiwanis.ca
Bytown 12 Gold­en Tri­an­gle
Corn­wall 12 Gold­en Tri­an­gle
Orleans 12 Gold­en Tri­an­gle
Ottawa 12 Gold­en Tri­an­gle www.ottawakiwanis.org/
Rideau, Ottawa 12 Gold­en Tri­an­gle www.rideaukiwanis.org
River­side of Ottawa 12 Gold­en Tri­an­gle
Bar­rhaven 13 Ottawa Val­ley
Goul­bourn 13 Ottawa Val­ley
Man­otick 13 Ottawa Val­ley www.manotick-kiwanis.org
Nepean 13 Ottawa Val­ley www.nepeankiwanis.com/
Ottawa West 13 Ottawa Val­ley www.kiwanisclubofottawawest.ca
Pem­broke 13 Ottawa Val­ley www.pembrokekiwanis.org
Perth-On-Tay 13 Ottawa Val­ley kiwanisperth.ca/ 
Sage of Ottawa 13 Ottawa Val­ley
Gran­by 14 Ville Marie www.kiwanisgranby.com
Lakeshore, Mon­tre­al 14 Ville Marie www.lakeshorekiwanis.ca/
Mon­tre­al-St. George 14 Ville Marie
St. Eustache 14 Ville Marie www.kiwanissteustache.com
Drum­mondville 16 Alou­ette
La Jacques-Carti­er 16 Alou­ette clubkiwanisdelajacques-cartier.org
Que­bec 16 Alou­ette www.kiwanisquebec.org/
Sillery-Ste-Foy-Cap-Rouge, Que­bec 16 Alou­ette www.kiwanissilleryste-foycap-rouge.org
St-Georges-de-Beauce 16 Alou­ette
Ste Marie-De-Beauce 16 Alou­ette
Thet­ford Mines 16 Alou­ette
Trois Riv­ières 16 Alou­ette
Alma 17 Lau­ren­tides www.kiwanisalma.qc.ca
Chi­bouga­mau 17 Lau­ren­tides
Chicouti­mi 17 Lau­ren­tides
Jon­quiere 17 Lau­ren­tides www.kiwanisjonquiere.com
La Baie des Ha Ha 17 Lau­ren­tides www.kiwanislabaie.org
Rober­val 17 Lau­ren­tides
Fred­er­ic­ton 18 Fundy www.kiwanisfredericton.org/
Hills­bor­ough 18 Fundy
Lan­cast­er 18 Fundy
Monc­ton 18 Fundy
Petit­co­di­ac 18 Fundy
Saint Andrews 18 Fundy www.stavanhornetrail.com/
Saint John 18 Fundy www.saintjohnkiwanisclub.ca
St. Stephen 18 Fundy ststephenkiwanis.ca
Sus­sex 18 Fundy
Sus­sex Vale Gold­en K 18 Fundy
West­ern Kings, Grand Bay 18 Fundy
Bluenose Gold­en K 20 Bluenose kiwanisbluenosegk.com
Cape Bre­ton Gold­en K 20 Bluenose www.cape-bretonkiwanis.org
Ceilidh-Syd­ney Mines and North Syd­ney Gold­en K 20 Bluenose
Char­lot­te­town 20 Bluenose www.kiwanis.charlottetown.pe.ca/
Cole Har­bour-West­phal 20 Bluenose
Dart­mouth 20 Bluenose www.kiwanisdartmouth.org
Liv­er­pool 20 Bluenose www.kiwanis.org/club/liverpool/
Syd­ney 20 Bluenose www.kiwanisclubofsydney.com
Wood­lawn 20 Bluenose
Bell Island 21 Cari­bou
Car­bon­ear 21 Cari­bou www.kiwanis.org/club/carbonear/
Clarenville 21 Cari­bou www.clarenville-nl.kiwanisone.org
Gan­der 21 Cari­bou www.kiwanis.org/club/gander/
Grand Falls-Wind­sor 21 Cari­bou www.kiwanisclubgfw.ca/
Kel­li­grews 21 Cari­bou
St. John’s 21 Cari­bou
Cable Beach, Nas­sau 22 Sun­shine
Cen­tral Aba­co 22 Sun­shine
Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama 22 Sun­shine
Fort Mon­tagu, Nas­sau 22 Sun­shine www.kiwanisfortmontagu.webs.com
Fox Hill, East Nas­sau 22 Sun­shine
Freeport, Grand Bahama 22 Sun­shine
Nas­sau 22 Sun­shine www.kiwanisclubofnassau.com
Nas­sau A.M. 22 Sun­shine
New Prov­i­dence, Nas­sau 22 Sun­shine
Over-The-Hill, Nas­sau 22 Sun­shine
South Eleuthera 22 Sun­shine
Bar­bi­can 23 East-Sur­ry South
Con­stant Spring, Kingston 23 East-Sur­ry South
Cyber­Con­nect Jamaica 23 East-Sur­ry South www.kiwaniscyberconnectjamaica.webs.com
Down­town Kingston 23 East-Sur­ry South
East­ern Kingston, Port Roy­al 23 East-Sur­ry South
East­ern St. Andrew 23 East-Sur­ry South www.kiwanis.org/club/esajm/
Kingston 23 East-Sur­ry South
Kiwa­nis Club of South St. Andrew 23 East-Sur­ry South
Liguanea-St Andrew 23 East-Sur­ry South
Mead­ow­vale 23 East-Sur­ry South
New Jamaica 23 East-Sur­ry South
New Kingston 23 East-Sur­ry South kiwanisclubnewkgn.com
North St. Andrew 23 East-Sur­ry South
St Andrew 23 East-Sur­ry South kiwanisstandrew.org/
St. Thomas 23 East-Sur­ry South
Stony Hill 23 East-Sur­ry South
Trafal­gar 23 East-Sur­ry South
West St. Andrew 23 East-Sur­ry South kiwanis-ja-west-st-andrew.webs.com/
Young Pro­fes­sion­als Kingston, Jamaica 23 East-Sur­ry South
23 West Jamaica Online 23 West Mid­dle­sex South www.facebook.com/Kiwanis-Club-23-West-Online-Jamaica-163899297285534/timeline/
Cay­manas Busi­ness Dis­trict 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Cen­tral Port­more 23 West Mid­dle­sex South www.facebook.com/KiwanisClubOfCentralPortmore
First City (The), St. Cather­ine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Greater Port­more, St. Cather­ine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Guys Hill 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Hell­shire, St. Cather­ine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Lin­stead 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Longville Park SE Claren­don 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Man­dev­ille 23 West Mid­dle­sex South christ123jm@yahoo.com
May Pen 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Old Har­bour 23 West Mid­dle­sex South kiwanisoldharbour.blogspot.com/
Port­more, St. Cather­ine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
South St. Cather­ine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Spald­ing-Chris­tiana 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Span­ish Town 23 West Mid­dle­sex South www.kiwanisspanishtown.com/
St. Cather­ine Estates 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Upper Claren­don 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Brown’s Town, St Ann 24 Jamaica
Charl­ton-Alexan­dria 24 Jamaica
Dis­cov­ery Bay 24 Jamaica
Gar­den Parish (The), Ocho Rios 24 Jamaica
Mon­eague St Ann 24 Jamaica
Ocho Rios 24 Jamaica
Port Anto­nio 24 Jamaica
Port Maria 24 Jamaica
St. Georges-Buff Bay 24 Jamaica
St. Mary 24 Jamaica www.kiwanisclubofstmary.org
Albert Town 25 Corn­wall
Anchovy-Cam­bridge 25 Corn­wall
Hanover, Lucea 25 Corn­wall
Hopewell 25 Corn­wall
Junc­tion South 25 Corn­wall
Mon­tego Bay 25 Corn­wall
Mon­tego Freeport 25 Corn­wall www.kiwanisclubofmontegofreeport.com
Negril Point 25 Corn­wall
New Fal­mouth 25 Corn­wall
Prov­i­dence-Mon­tego Bay 25 Corn­wall
San­ta Cruz 25 Corn­wall
St. Bess 25 Corn­wall
West­more­land Cap­i­tal 25 Corn­wall
Young Pro­fes­sion­als, West­ern Jamaica 25 Corn­wall
Aru­ba 26 Trade Winds www.kiwanisaruba.org/
Cayenne 26 Trade Winds
Cura­cao 26 Trade Winds
Palm Beach Aru­ba 26 Trade Winds www.kiwanispalmbeach.com
Para­mari­bo Cen­tral 26 Trade Winds
Pis­cadera, Cura­cao 26 Trade Winds
Remire-Mon­tjoly 26 Trade Winds
Schoelch­er, Mar­tinique 26 Trade Winds
Tour­tonne, Para­mari­bo 26 Trade Winds www.kiwanis.org/club/tourtonne/
Young Pro­fes­sion­als Aru­ba 26 Trade Winds www.kyparuba.org
Bar­ba­dos Young Pro­fes­sion­als 27 Caribbean
Ama­zona 27 Caribbean
Bar­ba­dos North, Speight­stown 27 Caribbean
Bar­ba­dos South 27 Caribbean www.kiwanissouth.org.bb/
Bar­ba­dos-Cen­tral 27 Caribbean kiwanisbarbadoscentral.org/
Bridgetown 27 Caribbean
Cas­tries 27 Caribbean
Coeur De Cre­ole 27 Caribbean
Cyber Con­nect Bar­ba­dos 27 Caribbean
Fleur De Can­nelle Sud Mar­tinique 27 Caribbean
Fort-De-France 27 Caribbean www.kiwanisclubdefortdefrance.org
Le Flam­boy­ant 27 Caribbean
Le Geni­pa 27 Caribbean
Pride of Bar­ba­dos 27 Caribbean www.kiwanispride.org
Pride Online Bar­ba­dos 27 Caribbean
Roseau 27 Caribbean
Saint John’s Antigua 27 Caribbean
Soleil, Fort-De-France 27 Caribbean
Wadadli Young Pro­fes­sion­als 27 Caribbean
Basse-Terre 27c Guade­loupe kiwanis-cdbt.webnode.fr
Fougeres 27c Guade­loupe
Kahouane Sud-Est Grande-Terre 27c Guade­loupe
Kalad­ja 27c Guade­loupe www.clubkiwaniskaladja.fr
Pointe-A-Pitre 27c Guade­loupe www.kiwanisguadeloupe.com
Ponm Kan­nel 27c Guade­loupe
Port-Of-Spain-West 28 Hum­ming­bird kiwanisc.posw@gmail.com
Rio Claro 28 Hum­ming­bird
San­ta Cruz-San Juan 28 Hum­ming­bird
Scar­bor­ough 28 Hum­ming­bird
St Hele­na 28 Hum­ming­bird www.kiwanissthelena.org
St. Augus­tine 28 Hum­ming­bird


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