Immediate Past Governor Robert Moo Young

Amazing! Phenomenal! Simple beautiful!!!, what a journey it has been for Josephine and me.

My fellow Kiwanians, we have met people of different countries and cultures who share the Objectives of Kiwanis and most importantly “Serving the Children of the World.”   The District of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean is unique and awesome in serving our Communities and Changing One Child, One Community at a time.

As Governor for the year 2017-2018, I have been privilege to be your Servant Leader in facilitating our LGs to be the best they can be.  Indeed, if we analyse of our accomplishments we must feel proud of our District Board and all Kiwanians who served with passion throughout the year.  Our District has built 12 new clubs and increased our membership which will have a major impact on increasing service to our community, our children and our service leadership program.

To Governor Mel Clarke and his team of Lt. Governors and Presidents, heartiest congratulations and may your dreams exceed your fondest expectations.  As your IPG, I will continue to work assiduously in the pursuit of our District goals.

Thank you Kiwanians all for giving me the opportunity to be your Servant Leader.

Robert Moo Young

Governor 2017-2018

Eastern Canada & Caribbean

Kiwanis International




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