John Chave


Greetings from Governor Elect John Chave

When I was growing up in Toronto, Canada, I had two wonderful role models – my Mom and Dad.
They taught me by example the importance of giving back to my community. They both volunteered their time to improve the lives of those less fortunate than them.

That lesson stuck with me, and I have continued their legacy with my Service club of choice, KIWANIS.
I have very much enjoyed my year as Vice Governor and am looking forward to serving as your Governor Elect in 2022 – 2023.

My goal this year will be to support and grow our Service Leadership Programmes. I sincerely believe that the future of Kiwanis is with the youth and young adults that are members of these clubs. It is so very important to plant the seed of service early so that one day, these people will remember their experience and consider joining a Kiwanis club.

I will also of course support our Governor, Anthony Haile as he works diligently to make this the best Kiwanis year possible.

I urge you all this year to continue the great work that you do at whatever level in the organization that you are, and to support those in your communities and around the world who need your help.
Together we can do amazing things!

Yours in Kiwanis Service,
John Chave, Governor Elect 2022 – 2023



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