Eastern Canada & Caribbean Goals 2021–2022

1.   Membership & Engagement

  1. Char­ter nine new Kiwa­nis clubs.
  2. Increase in Dis­trict mem­ber­ship of at least 180 members
  3. Have a Trained Mem­ber­ship Chair in each Club


2.   Leadership and Education

  1. All Club Offi­cers have com­plet­ed Lead­er­ship Training
  2. Each club to pro­vide mem­bers with Kiwa­nis edu­ca­tion quarterly
  3. All Clubs to cre­ate and exe­cute a Suc­ces­sion Plan


3.   Community Impact

  1. Each Club to improve the needs of chil­dren in the com­mu­ni­ty by address­ing edu­ca­tion, health and nutri­tion or safe­ty through a new ser­vice project
  2. Reju­ve­nate SLP Clubs back to where they were in March 2020

4.   Kiwanis Image

    1. Each Club to estab­lish or main­tain a Sig­na­ture Project
    2. Each club to par­tic­i­pate in the Sig­na­ture Project Dis­trict Contest.
    3. Enhance the vis­i­bil­i­ty of the Kiwa­nis Image by brand­ing of all com­mu­ni­ty projects

5.  Financial Viability

  1. Clubs pay their Inter­na­tion­al and Dis­trict dues by the
  2. Clubs with Spon­sored Lead­er­ship Pro­grams pro­vide finan­cial support


Jim Scott

Gov­er­nor 2021–2022

East­ern Cana­da & Caribbean District

Kiwa­nis International

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