ECC Distinguished Club Program

2020–2021 Dis­tin­guished Divi­sions and Clubs for release


Feb­ru­ary 11, 2022,  Le 4 févri­er 2022,

Gov­er­nor Delores is pleased to announce the Dis­tin­guished Clubs and Divi­sions for the 2020–2021 Kiwa­nis Year.

Award pre­sen­ta­tion and announce­ment of the Clubs and Divi­sions with “Out­stand­ing Achieve­ment” will be made at the 2022 Dis­trict Con­ven­tion in Fredericton.

La gou­verneure Delores a le plaisir d’an­non­cer les Clubs et Divi­sions dis­tin­gués pour l’an­née Kiwa­nis 2020–2021.

La remise des prix et l’an­nonce des Clubs et Divi­sions ayant eu des “réal­i­sa­tions excep­tion­nelles” seront faites lors du con­grès du dis­trict de 2022 à Fredericton.

Distinguished Divisions — Divisions distinguées 2020–2021


3 St. Clair Blue­wa­ter – Don­na Kelso

4 Colonel Tal­bot – Louise Macphee

22 Sun­shine – Dominic Bain

23 East Sur­ry South – Don Gittens

23 West Mid­dle­sex South – Huit Johnson

23C Jamaica Cen­tral – Deb­o­rah Manning

25 Corn­wall – Coleen Lawson-Taylor

26 Trade Winds – Patrick Melchiors

27 Caribbean – Cyn­thia Blackman

27A Ama­zona – Joseph Maignan


Distinguished Clubs — Clubs distingués 2020–2021

Club Name Divi­sion
Sar­nia-Lambton Gold­en K 3 St. Clair Bluewater
Inger­soll 4 Colonel Talbot
Mid­dle­sex, London 4 Colonel Talbot
Brant­ford 5 Black Walnut
Paris-Brant 5 Black Walnut
Berry Islands, The 22 Sun­shine
Cable Beach, Nassau 22 Sun­shine
Exu­ma 22 Sun­shine
Freeport, Grand Bahama 22 Sun­shine
Lucaya, Grand Bahama 22 Sun­shine
Nas­sau 22 Sun­shine
Nas­sau A.M. 22 Sun­shine
New Prov­i­dence, Nassau 22 Sun­shine
Pinewood 22 Sun­shine
Cyber­Con­nect Jamaica 23 East Sur­ry South
Down­town Kingston 23 East Sur­ry South
East­ern Kingston, Port Royal 23 East Sur­ry South
East­ern St. Andrew 23 East Sur­ry South
Mead­ow­vale 23 East Sur­ry South
Mona, St. Andrew 23 East Sur­ry South
New Kingston 23 East Sur­ry South
South St. Andrew 23 East Sur­ry South
St Andrew 23 East Sur­ry South
Trafal­gar 23 East Sur­ry South
Wor­thing­ton, Kingston 23 East Sur­ry South
23 West Jamaica Online 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Cen­tral Portmore 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Ewarton Pre­mier Builders 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
First City (The), St. Catherine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Greater Port­more, St. Catherine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Guy’s Hill 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Lin­stead 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
North Span­ish Town 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Port­more, St. Catherine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Spald­ing-Chris­tiana 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Span­ish Town 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Sun­shine City-Portmore 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
Young Pro­fes­sion­als St Catherine 23 West Mid­dle­sex South
23 Cen­tral Sur­rey Online 23C Jamaica Central
Bar­bi­can 23C Jamaica Central
Cap­i­tal City Kingston (The) 23C Jamaica Central
Con­stant Spring, Kingston 23C Jamaica Central
Friends Across Bor­ders Jamaica 23C Jamaica Central
JTS St. Andrew, Jamaica 23C Jamaica Central
Kingston 23C Jamaica Central
North St. Andrew 23C Jamaica Central
St. Thomas 23C Jamaica Central
Stony Hill 23C Jamaica Central
West St. Andrew 23C Jamaica Central
Young Pro­fes­sion­als Kingston, Jamaica 23C Jamaica Central
Young Pro­fes­sion­als St. Andrew 23C Jamaica Central
Brown’s Town, St Ann 24 Jamaica
Charl­ton-Alexan­dria 24 Jamaica
Eight Rivers Ocho Rios 24 Jamaica
Mon­eague St Ann 24 Jamaica
Anchovy-Cam­bridge 25 Corn­wall
Bethel Town 25 Corn­wall
Darlis­ton Supreme 25 Corn­wall
Divi­sion 25 Online Jamaica 25 Corn­wall
Mon­tego Bay 25 Corn­wall
Mon­tego Freeport 25 Corn­wall
Negril Point 25 Corn­wall
New Fal­mouth 25 Corn­wall
Out­a­meni West­ern Jamaica 25 Corn­wall
Prov­i­dence-Mon­tego Bay 25 Corn­wall
Ram­ble Hanover 25 Corn­wall
Rose Hall, Mon­tego Bay 25 Corn­wall
San­ta Cruz 25 Corn­wall
St. Bess 25 Corn­wall
West­more­land Capital 25 Corn­wall
Cura­cao 26 Trade Winds
San Nico­las 26 Trade Winds
Scar­bor­ough 26 Trade Winds
Bar­ba­dos Benevolence 27 Caribbean
Bar­ba­dos North, Speightstown 27 Caribbean
Bar­ba­dos South 27 Caribbean
Bar­ba­dos West 27 Caribbean
Bar­ba­dos Young Professionals 27 Caribbean
Bar­ba­dos-Cen­tral 27 Caribbean
Bridgetown 27 Caribbean
Bridgetown Young Professionals 27 Caribbean
Pride of Barbados 27 Caribbean
Saint John’s Antigua 27 Caribbean
St. Andrew 27 Caribbean
Wadadli Young Professionals 27 Caribbean
Le Flam­boy­ant 27A Cre­ole Caribbean Amazonie
Fougeres 27c Guade­loupe


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