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For Vice Governor

Jim Scott

Fel­low Kiwa­ni­ans, there are a num­ber of areas where we can focus our efforts in order to con­tin­ue the growth and ser­vice work of our great Dis­trict.
We have oppor­tu­ni­ties with our SLP grad­u­ates from Key Club and Cir­cle K. They are eli­gi­ble for 2 years of free mem­ber­ship when join­ing a Kiwa­nis Club after grad­u­a­tion. What a gold­en oppor­tu­ni­ty. These young peo­ple under­stand ser­vice and vol­un­teerism and they bring fresh and new ideas to the table. We need to be active­ly recruit­ing our SLP grad­u­ates and invit­ing them into our Clubs.

When you attend Cau­cus meet­ings and Con­ven­tions, it is appar­ent that there is not as much Diver­si­ty in our orga­ni­za­tion as there could be. Our com­mu­ni­ties have become much more diverse and there­fore we need to ensure that our Clubs reflect demo­graph­ics of the com­mu­ni­ties they serve. It means growth, result­ing in more ideas and more hands to help with ser­vice projects.

SLP’s are a key ingre­di­ent to our orga­ni­za­tion. They have made us what we are today. To con­tin­ue our growth we need to con­tin­ue open­ing and sup­port­ing Builders, Aktion, Key and Cir­cle K Clubs as it builds the Kiwa­ni­ans of the future and intro­duces their par­ents to Kiwa­nis. No doubt, they will be impressed. When they feel good about what they see they’ll want to join and share it with oth­ers. It’s human nature to want to have fun, friend­ship and work in our com­mu­ni­ties.

We can­not be com­pla­cent and sit back to wait for oth­ers to grow mem­ber­ship. You and I have to do it, each and every day of the year or it won’t hap­pen.

I’m ask­ing for your sup­port to help make these ideas and many more our Kiwa­nis real­i­ty.

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