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The I-Plan

Governor Phil and his Board of Trustees have set reachable, attainable goals for all Kiwanians to strive for. This year, our goals centre around each club creating an I-Plan, unique to their own circumstances. Our Formula Club Counsellors and Lieutenant Governors are dedicated to helping your clubs be the best that they can be. Raising the bar starts with having an effective plan: an I-Plan.

By achieving these goals we will all work to strengthen our great organization and leave the world a better place.


The Kiwanis I-Plan

The Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District of Kiwanis International strategic plan is based on the Kiwanis International IPLAN where emphasis will be placed on:
Inspiration: MEMBERSHIP & ENGAGEMENT – To build, retain and support a growing Kiwanis membership
Impact: MEANINGFUL SERVICE – To perform meaningful service, with service to children as our priority
Image: OUR KIWANIS IMAGE – To enhance the Kiwanis image in the community
Investment: FINANCIAL VIABILITY – To ensure financial viability and responsible stewardship.


In 2016-2017 the Board will put emphasis on achieving the following goals:

INSPIRATION – expect 70% of the clubs will:

  • Invite 4 prospects to attend a club meeting
  • Finish the year with a net increase in membership of 2
  • Appoint a Club Membership Chair
    • Ensure the Club Membership chair has completed the online membership committee education by October 30, 2016
  • Conduct a Membership Survey by December 31, 2016
    • Develop a plan to improve member engagement and increase retention
  • Have at least one member in attendance the District or International Convention

IMPACT – expect 70% of our clubs will:

  • Conduct a Community Analysis by September 2017
    • Establish a focus group, report to the club and create a plan for next year.
  • Identify or Create a Signature Project that involves at least 25% of your club membership
    • Evaluate the project success
    • Boast about the project on your Club Website and Social Media
  • Contribute a minimum of 25 Kiwanis Service hours per member
  • Sponsor or Co-sponsor at least two Service leadership programs
    • (Aktion Club, K-Kids Club, Builders Club, Key Club, CKI, Terrific Kids, Bring Up Grades and Key Leader)
  • Find a partner to extend the clubs service
    • Support, through service or donation, another local organization focused on the needs of children
    • Joint Kiwanis Service projects
    • Engage other organizations for joint support in giving service

IMAGE – expect 70% of our clubs will:

  • Begin using Kiwanis Approved logos on any new material
  • Appoint a Public Relations Chair
    • To ensure the activities of the club are recognized in the community
  • Submit Media coverage for club and signature project to District Website
  • Try to have at least two media releases in the year

INVESTMENT – expect 70% of our clubs will:

  • Donate at least US$10, or equivalent in local currency, per member, to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund or through the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada or Kiwanis Foundation of Jamaica
  • Donate a minimum of US$5, or equivalent in local currency, per member to your district/national foundation. In the absence of a district foundation, make an equivalent donation to a local or regional children’s charity.
  • Identify Corporate Partners to work on your club projects
  • Ensure MEMBERSHIP DUES cover basic administrative costs of the club
  • Observe the 60-days bylaw period for the club to pay Kiwanis International dues
  • Fundraise and contribute the equivalent of at least US$100 per member in the community.


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